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The Color Trends Of 2016

Color Trends for 2016
Colors that play well with the 2016 Pantone Color Trend Selection.

2016 Pantone Color Selection

Each year, I look forward to the Pantone Color predictions.
2016 was about going back to basics.
The design craze is clean and precise.
Pure color has returned to mainstream culture.

Do color trends reflect modern society?

The selection of the top ten color predictions for 2016 is not random. The selection is a sincere reflection of our modern society.

People who work with color – do so with meaning and intent. I have spent hundreds of hours processing color photography. I have trained my eye for Color Correction. While training my brain with Color Theory classes and study. And in the everyday job of creating artwork with an in-depth knowledge of color limitation for print and the web.

For people like me, color is much more than a general interest.

A bold statement with muted colors

Muted Pink and Boy are the core color values for 2016. Normally, the core color value is only one color. For the first time, Pantone included two core colors.

The muted pink and blue is a strong statement in the role of equality. In 2016, the role of men and women in society is evolving. Core values are changing. A redefining of the gender role has happened.

And here we are, the muted pink and blue – one no louder than the other – on an equal playing field. A bold statement with muted colors.

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